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Wine pairing

Wine pairing

You chose the recipes, the dinner is planned, the table is set... but you are still wondering which wine to pair with the dishes!
Starter, Main, Cheese, Dessert: Red, White or Rosé? Should you pick a wine for the whole dinner or pair a wine type with each dish on the menu?
We’ve got you sorted! Get your notebook and surprise your guests like a connoisseur sommelier!

It is usually recommended to serve Champagne or a Sparkling wine for the Aperitif.
Crémant Rosé
After that a dry White wine or Rosé wine will be appropriate depending on the dish you are serving – like a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay with a fish tartare or pomelo salad, or a chilled Rosé with tomato bruschettas or a Caesar salad.
Rural par Nature, Rosé, Organic
Easy one! Fish is (usually) paired with white wine.
Château Laulerie, Comtesse de Ségur, Blanc
For those of you who are not White lovers, you can opt for a light red without tannins. For instance grilled tuna will pair perfectly with a fruity Syrah or Pinot Noir.
Paul Mas, Domaine d’Astruc, Syrah
Chicken, turkey, veal… Whatever wine lover you are the good news is that you can pair white meat with a white, rosé or red wine.
If you go for a white wine, prefer a fleshy one to an acidic wine
Château Laulerie, Comtesse de Segur, Blanc
If you are more into red wine, a light one with less tannins and some acidic notes will be best such as GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre)
Rural par Nature, Red, Organic
Red meat, red wine! If the rule is easy, the pairing is more subtle... The trick? The balance of forces.
The red wine should enhance the flavour of the meat.
Don’t forget the cooking style: for a meat cooked rare and with a strong taste like game, choose a tannic powerful red like a Bordeaux style (usually a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot grapes), Malbec or Spanish/Portuguese with tannins and spicy notes.
Boas Quintas, Quinta da Fonte do Ouro, Tinto
With pasta, it’s all is about the sauce!
For Bolognese you can opt for a Montepulcianno or Chianti, two tannic wines enhancing the taste of meat.
Pasta Carbonara goes perfectly with a Chardonnay as it will contrast the creamy meaty taste on your tongue.
As for Pasta al pesto (green pesto) a grassy Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio will bring the perfect acidity to enhance the “green” flavor of pesto.
Il Poggio dei Vigneti, Chianti // Pinot Grigio
Well known as BFF, wine and cheese are kings for the palate. Some Sommelier are keen to recommend semi-sweet or sweet white wines with goat cheese or 18months Comté.
If you are more of a red wine lover, you can opt for a regional red wine that matches the origin of your cheese and is light in tannins.
Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Spӓtlese
Wines pair very well with desserts if you select the right combination. A good pairing enhances the flavors in both the wine and the dessert to bring it to the next level.
Apricot tart or crème brûlée will pair well with Moscato ; Chocolate brownie will be enhanced by a sweet red like Blaufrankisch from Hungary for example. Finally for a fresh and crunchy fruit salad, you can choose rather a more acidic wine like Pinot Blanc.
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