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Wine & Dine

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For this pack the Vineyard got you covered : everything you need for a nice evening ! 
This pack is no joke, order and enjoy ;)


- Prӓsidentengold Riesling Trocken Sekt x3
- Il Poggio dei Vigneti Montepulciano D’Abruzzo x3
- Truffle Risotto - 250g x2
- Aji White condiment spice x2 
- Durum Wheat FUSILLI - 500g 
- Durum Wheat SPAGHETTI n° 7 - 500g 
- Basil Tomato Sauce x2 

What is this pack packing

- Prӓsidentengold Riesling Trocken Sekt x3 -- 
Grape type: Riesling
Abv. Content: 12%
Country of Origin: Germany
Fruity, light and with a citrus fragrance. The fruit
aromas are caressed by a fine yeast bouquet,
reminisces of freshly baked bread. Suppleness, fruit and spirit and brought together on the palate.

- Il Poggio dei Vigneti Montepulciano D’Abruzzo x3
A full bodied wine with powerful tannins produced in Italy.
Year: 2019
ABV. content:
Deep colour and strong aromas of pepper, tobacco, and black fruits. A rustic and tasty wine.

- Truffle Risotto Carnaroli  - 250g x2
Superfine Carnaroli rice, vegetable seasoning without glutamate, pumpkin, sunflower oil & spices --

- Aji White condiment spice x2
Hot Citrus Flavor --

- Durum Wheat FUSILLI 500g
urum wheat and whole grain -- 

- Durum Wheat SPAGHETTI n° 7 - 500g
Durum wheat and whole grain -- 

- Basil Tomato Sauce x2
Tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil ORGANIC --

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