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Our mission :

Offering you tasty & affordable wines / uniting a tribe with our love of wine, food and adventure! / making the world of wine easier to understand and reachable to anyone.

THE VINEYARD VALUES : great value for money / reliability in our service / sharing fun, pleasure and happiness!

Created in 2015 in Hong-Kong, we are today the exclusive distributor of :

  • Paul Mas vineyards ;
  • Château De La Gardine (wine appellation Châteauneuf-du-Pape) ;
  • Pieroth wines.


Our on-trade hero - Maggie helps the bars and restaurants with high value wines to enhance their business (she likes a drop or two as well)


Gary had dreams of being a golf pro, putting in many hours as a youth to try and make the cut ! Sadly for him but fortunately for us he followed his second dream to become a lover of wine.


Anthony is a thorough bred of the wine industry, you name it he as drunk it - 40 years of experience to help choose the best wine :)


The engine behind the team - jacky is our tireless superstar managing all aspects of your delivery with an expert eye.


A pure English guy with a traditional education ! But he had the chance to discover the French touch and the wines by living 10 years in France :)


As French as onions, garlic and berets ! He has one mission goal : to share his love of drinking affordable quality wine with the world... ^^


Happiest on a terrace in Provence with a salad niçoise and a chilled glass of rosé, her colleagues would say she is a mix of the French class and the amazon warrior ^^

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